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The health and safety of our residents and staff is our top priority. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic began, we have worked in accordance with care delivery guidelines set forth by public health agencies. We continue to train for best health and safety outcomes. In addition, we are as responsive as possible to loved ones of our residents because we value the emotional health of our residents.


How to Arrange for a Visit to Our Skilled Nursing and Acute Care Facility

Visits are valuable and important for our residents. There is nothing like connecting in person with the people you love most.

As the pandemic evolves, we anticipate that guidance about safe visits to nursing and acute care facilities will continue to be refined. What we know for sure is that scheduled visitation is the safest way to connect with your loved one.

Visits must be scheduled in advance. To arrange your visit please:

  • Call reception between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and schedule a time to see your loved one. Appointments are preferred due to COVID-19, however if you don’t have an appointment, appropriate visitation will be provided. We can make special accomodations on a case by case basis.
  • In California, visitors must provide proof of vaccination or a negative C19 test results within the last 72 hours to visit a resident of nursing and acute care facility, like ours.
  • Reschedule your visit if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or believe you may have been exposed.
  • Our staff will provide a Covid-19 screening prior to your visit. Our staff will also share with you the location for your visit and any requirements in place, such as social distancing.
  • Masks are required. Mask mandates are in place. Please come prepared with a mask to wear for the entirety of your visit or one can be provided.

What to do If You Cannot Visit In-Person

Phone calls, video chats, emails, text messages, and even letters have kept loved ones in the hearts and minds of our residents throughout this time. Hearing from you lifts spirits, brightens days, and offers our residents new topics to consider and discuss.

Some residents need assistance with phone calls and video chats. If you would like to arrange a conversation with your loved one via telephone or video chat, please call our reception desk between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Our reception staff can help you schedule a convenient time to connect with your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Nursing & Acute Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic

What Happens If Someone Has Covid-19?

Our facility frequently tests residents and staff to minimize the risk of spread of Covid-19.

If a resident receives positive test result for Covid-19, they are placed in our dedicated Covid-19 unit and receives care from specially trained staff. Once the resident is symptom free and fever free for several days, the resident can return to their room with guidance from our facility’s medical leadership.

If a staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the staff member is not permitted to come in to work and is required to isolate, away from our facility. Staff members must test negative for Covid-19 and be symptom-free before returning to work.

We use text and voice communication to provide the primary contacts of our residents with timely updates about the status of Covid-19 infections at our facility. We also report to local and state health agencies and work in concert with them in the event of infection.

How Can I Get In-Touch?

Many of our residents have mobile phones. We encourage you to call and / or text your loved one directly.

We also understand that many of our residents need some assistance with communication. The best way to arrange for a call with your loved one, is to contact reception between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

How Can I Visit My Loved One?

Visits must be scheduled in advance. This enables our team and your loved one to anticipate your visit and ensure health and safety guidelines are met.

Who’s Vaccinated: Staff & Residents?

<<for CA>> Vaccination is a condition of employment at our facility as of September 30, 2021. All staff and contracted personnel must be vaccinated. Exceptions are made for members of our workforce on religious grounds and under medical directive.

<< for WA>> Vaccination is a condition of employment at our facility as of October 18, 2021. All staff and contracted personnel must be vaccinated. Exceptions are made for members of our workforce on religious grounds and under medical directive.

The vast majority of residents are vaccinated and keeping current with their vaccines.

Do I Need to Be Vaccinated?

<< for CA>> California requires proof of vaccination to visit a loved one in a skilled nursing and acute care facility, like ours. Exceptions can be made on a limited basis. If you have questions, please call our reception phone number.

<< for WA>> The State of Washington does not require vaccination for nursing home and acute care center resident visits.

How Is My Loved One Being Cared For?

Our facility is staffed 24/ 7, year-round with health care professionals, including an on-call medical director at all hours of everyday. The care we administer is based on the medical diagnosis of your loved one. We work in partnership with your love one’s medical care team to ensure consistent delivery of care.

If you are the primary contact, and have power of attorney for your loved one, our nursing care leaders can share care plans with you.

Discharge: When Can My Loved One Come Home?
All care, services, and discharge requirements are provided under the direction of the attending physician, in coordination with our medical or nursing services director. We work with each resident’s attending physician to recommend best methods for home care and therapy after a resident departs our facility.

Our care team will coordinate time of discharge and any travel arrangements for the resident in advance.

Here is a list of 7 great ways you can stay in touch and brighten your loved one’s day.

Make a phone call

Make a Call

Pick up the phone. Call room phones and cell phones to remain in contact on a regular basis. There’s nothing like the sound of a voice to bring comfort.

Video Chat

Video Chat

If possible, Skype, FaceTime or use other forms of visual communication to hear and see one another. Make sure to include grandkids, family members, and close friends in calls.

Send a text

Send a Text

Send a text for a quick check in or send an emoji-filled cheery hello.

Write a letter

Write a Letter

Send a good old-fashioned card or letter. Handwritten notes, cards, and even crayon drawings are always appreciated.

Order a delivery online

Order for Delivery

Order a book, movie, game or anything else online and surprise your family member with a way to help them occupy some time.

Send Flowers

Flowers and plants with a thoughtful note add color and brighten up our residents’ rooms and hearts.